Mr. Kevin Morris

4 Wonderful Couples
Oct. 1st 2022
Dear Lello,
We are very fortunate that Johny and Rita ( referred you to us. Our group of 8 is very thankful for your and Simona's kindness, patience, fleibility and advice. We also appreciate you both help the 2 ladies who were feeling car-sick on the curvy roads!
When we come back to visit, we'll contact you straight away, and definetely refer our friends also.
Please know that you have friends and fans in the U.S. and U.K. :)
Kevin, Helen, Mike, Jennifer, Don, Stephanie, Darin, Gray.

Antico Sole Italy

Gaiole in Chianti 14-09-2021
Lello, thank you so much for the past 4 days. You have done a wonderful job driving us from Roma through Tuscany, Umbria and back to Roma. We appreciate the extra experiences you offered, such us meeting Nora at the goats farm. You were so gracious to share your home an one occasion, which was quite a surprise to see your wife at home. You have made our
vacation comfortable and enjoyable.
Grazie Mille

Crane & Sarah Perry

Lovely Honeymooners
Enjoying the people..

What better way to travel than with a modern day renaissance man!
The only thing surpassing your liscious locks is your vast knowledge of Italy and your friendly charm.
Both Sarah and I have loved sharing our honeymoon with you and could not be more grateful for your fun informative insight.
We wish you many happy days, long motorcycle rides whether on your next adventure in the U.S. or our return to Italia.
We look forward to staying in touch!
Many Thanks,
Satah & Crane

Luigi & Beth La Torre

Improvised tour
Informed, Charming,Connected, Accommodating,Professional and very flexible. You and your wife are the Best in the business in every way, you combine history, local culture, great sights, food, wines, life immersive texture. A blended tapestry of love and food and friendship.
p.s. We've been all 7 continents and after 16 years with you, you still great.
Lou and Beth La Torre (New York)

Carter Family

Nice Family
Dear Lello.
What a great day we spent at the Casa di Marco and his sweet wife Sara, the cheese tasting was delicious.
You are a wonderful guide!
Thank you!
The Carter. (New York)

Maria & Tom Nevitt

Layback tour
Dear Lello,

We wanted to thank you again for making our trip to Tuscany so memorable. You helped make the whole region come alive for us . . . we could never have done it without you! The many fun and interesting discussions during our drives, as well as the visits to the towns, cheese farm and wineries were all memories that we will always cherish. Please visit us if you are ever in New York!

Grazie mille,
Maria and Tom Nevitt

Carolyn & Todd Dutson

Like friends :)
What a wonderful 2 days! Thank you so much for the wonderful visit to Laura's winery & your great suggestions! Your english is wonderful & we enjoyed our time together. You are an amazing host!
Thank you!
Todd & Carolyn
Come see us in Texas!


3 nice couples
thank you so much for driving us around Tuscany.
Grazie, MIssy & Lou
thank you for a great 2 days!! Come to Colorado and stay with us!
Allen & Steve
thank you so much for making our trip to Tuscany so special!
Much LOVE,
Patrick + Tina

Dane & Wendy

Super Easy:)
Lello 7/10/17
THANK YOU for showing us your beautiful Country! We has an amazing time! It is not often that we find. or know, a person who has so much knowledge about history, countryside, food and wine. Thank you for sharing so much with us.
All the best,
Dale & Wendy

Kerns & Randolph

Traveling with Simona has been fantastic! Her rich knowledge of Tuscany - culture & history - really made our trip so interesting. We loved her suggestions to change in our plans were all wonderful. She introduced us to places and experiences we never would have found on our own. We highly recommend Simona and would without question use her again.
Kate & Trent (Richmond, VA)

Simona was a wonderful addition to our trip to Italy. Her knowledge, punctuality, and humor made the time between stops enjoyable and informative. Thanks for making our trip very special.
Cara & Randy (Deltaville, Virginia)

Ozimek & Mcinerney

We had such a wonderful time today with you! You went Above and Beyond and we would love to 'hang out with you'. You are the best and we wish you so much success.
Anne & David Ozimek
The winery trip!! 09-10-2017

What a wonderful day you provided! Thank you so much!
Sue & Ernie

The MInges

A Lovely Couple
You are a wonderful driver and guide! We started off as strangers but became friends. Thank you for the conversation, showing us your beautiful Country, introducing us to your local contacts, Perfect! It was our pleasure getting to know you.
Clyde & Cantrell Minges
North Carolina

Brooke & Yeshua Barlow

A bunch of friends..
Lello, August 14. 2017
Thank you for driving us around Tuscany, it was exactly what envisioned Italy to be ! The driving conversation was fantastic. Thank you for the recommendations sharing your knowledge.
Andiamo! . . .
Jeshua and Brooke Barlow

Caroline, Liza & Catty Perrin

likes 3 sisters..
Lello July 19, 2017
Thank you so much for such an incredible trip to Chianti and Siena! We had a wonderful time getting to know you and the area. Your recommendations were absolutely perfect!!! You were so kind and patient with us and we truly appreciate it. Glad you came on the wine tour with us too! We can't wait to tell everyone about our experience with your help.
Thanks again.
Caroline, Liza & Catty Perrin (Richmond VA)

Dunnan family

A Lovely family
Thank you for a great week Lello!!!
Josephine loves your apricots :)

Julie & Sam Adams

Julie & Sam
We had an amazing time touring Tuscany with you. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge about the area, Thank you for introducing us to the Tornesi family wine; the lunch was wonderful and the family was so kind. Your easy going, kind personality made it an exceptional day!
With thanks,
Julie & Sam Adams
Austin, TX

Ania Leeson Architect

Nice family
you give us & our mothers an unforgettable tour of your Italy. We loved every second ans we will call you next time we are back! Hopefully soon.
Ania & Pete (Washington DC) Hania (Warsaw, Poland) Anne (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Nobles & Mary

Romantic journey
May, 17, 2017
you were the perfect host for our trip through Chianti, Tuscany. We loved every minute of our time and appreciate you taking such good care of us. We will recommend you to all of our friends, and we will be back to spend more time with you!
Noble & Mary Starnes (Midland, TX)

Andrea & Lee Hunter


Thank you so much for making our travels through Tuscany so memorable. We enjoyed our trip very much and appreciate the time and attention you paid to us. We will be back and will certainly request you and Lello again! Until next time . . .

~ Lee & Andrea Hunter (Atlanta - USA)

Kanin & Ta

A Lovely Couple
thank you so much for making our day a very special and personal experience the small wineries are perfect, we completely saw a very non touristic side of Tuscany..
Thank :)
Kanin & Ta (Bangkok-Thailand)

Bie & Doug

3 lovely days
Thank you for making our trip to Tuscany so enjoyable, Being able to relax and enjoy the scenery of your beautiful countryside was such a treat. Not to worry about driving, It we ever get back to Italy only you will be our driver.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful trip !
Bie + Doug (Virginia)

Natalie & Durning Moore at Tornesi winery

sweet honeymoon couple
thank you so much for a wonderful day through Toscana even though it was a gloomy day we enjoyed it so very much.
You made the drive very smooth and entertaining. You also did a great job translating for us at the Tornesi winery, they were such nice people. Thank you for taking us there. We hope to be back and we will recommend you to anyone.
Thanks again
Natalie & Durning Moore
Greenville, SC

Mary & Jim Parent

like friends..
Hi Lello

I hope that this email finds you well.

Our group had an incredible journey with you, Simona, and Hillary and we can't begin to
'Thank You' enough for driving us through the magnificent Tuscany countryside. The
cities . . . just beautiful - old world charm at its finest . . . .the wineries . . . sensational and the gelato
was better than yummy! Jim and I keep reminiscing about these tours - memories to hold in
our hearts forever! We Loved Italy! Hard to get back to the hum drum of ordinary life when you've
been to an extraordinary country and we would like to return at some future date. I know of two
friends traveling to Italy next year and I will pass your name onto them.

Thank You again and Jim and I wish you all the best! Please say 'Hello' to your
colleagues for us!

Best Regards,

Beth & Darryl

Lovely Couple
you made our visit in Chianti so special. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, it was like touring with a good friend. We enjoyed the cities we visited with you and especially visiting the farm and Brunello winery.
We will never forget these special days and this beautiful country!
Come visit us in North Carolina! You Have friends there, us!
We will tell Jim how much we loved Locanda ..
Beth & Darryl Malak (Charlotte, NC)

Russo Family

funny guys..
Lello miei Amici!
Thank you so much for your hospitality and great service.You helped make our vacation a very successful one.
We had a large family group and we traveled to multiple different cities and towns all made possible by you.
Thank you again!!
I wish great healthy to you and your family for many years.
George Russo Jr.
Mew York City , USA

Michael & Megan

Honey moon in Chianti
Honey moon in Chianti
My wife and I are so grateful for our beautiful day. We had no plan and everything worked out magically.
The winery you choose for us was perfect and one of the best memories of our honeymoon.
Thank you for your kindness conversation and guidance.
Michael & Megan Zemrose (Frederick, Maryland)

Wallace family

3 girls..
Dear Lello,
thank you for taking us on the fabulous journey through Tuscany! We loved riding in such luxury with you. It was a memorable day for my daughters and me.
Ashley, Laura and Helen Wallace
Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Rigby family

4 wonderful days

Rigby family

4 wonderful days
Lello, thank you . . .

Francie & Gary

Tuscany Vespa tour
thank you to both you and Simona for every memorable trip! We had so much fun with you, loved seeing Tuscany on the Vespa tour, crashed..and all.
We hope to see you again very soon!!
All the best,
Francie & Gary Little
Austin TX ,June 2016

Nita & Carli

Mother & Sister
you were amazing! We feel like we are now part of your family. You have made us feel like we are also a part of the home that you call Italia. We have learned so much just talking with you, We will never forget you + everything you have shared with us.
Nita & Carli

Morgan & Darryl

Lovely honeymooners
Thank you Lello for making our trip to Tuscany perfect ! You were wonderful at telling us about each town and there there treasures. We really enjoyed our talks and laughters with you. You are one of a kind and we will never forget our wonderful experience with you.
Morgan & Darryl Holland
Greenville, SC

Priscilla & Franz Haines

Happy Birthday Priscilla
Lello was our driver today to Siena. We enjoyed our trip tremendously!
Lello was very polite and attentive, he was very informative and explained where we were going making a point to show the highlights of out trip. Great way to celebrate my birthday!! Great day.
Thank you.
Frunkie and Priscilla Haines (Kentucky USA)

Michelle & Maya

3 days of real wine tasting
we did have an Epic trip, and you were a huge part of making it so perfect! Cannot wait til we are back in Italy and you and yours are always welcome to visit us in TX
Michelle Wittenburg,
Austin, TX


3 nice days
What a wonderful trip to Tuscany! Our driver, our friend took excellent care to take all the worry out of getting from place to place to place. He was always on time, courteous and even fun. We look forward to riding with him every back to Italy.
Darren Kameyer & susan Satterwhite
Rockwall. Texas
20 April 2016

Freels & Miller

A bunch of friends..
Lello guided our group of four on a two day wine tour of Montalcino and Chianti. It was truly an amazing experience. We tasted wine indigenous of the regions and got to meet passionate wine makers. Lello arranged two memorable lunches that were the best of our two week trip. We cannot thank him enough for these experiences.
The Millers
The Freels
Texas, US

Crash :)

Crash by Vespa
Kevin (Crash) made a really wonderful bike tour on the Lello's Vespa .

Kavin, Amanda, Robert, Liz

A friendly funny tour
where do we begin? It was an amazing experience spending the last 3 days with you. The winery tours, the towns and villages, all the tips you gave us. Tuscany wouldn't have been the same without havinf you drive us and show us around. Robert said it best it was like driving around a friend,
I'll never forget your Vespa, It made the trip for me! Thank you so much for your hospitality, kindness and most of all your friendship. Can't wait to see you in Texas!!
Kevin & Amanda Fowler
Robert & Liz Kisselburgh
Dallas , Texas

Joanie & Louise

2 sweet sisters
you have been a special part of our Tuscan aveventure, You are a very safe and caution driver and we appreciate your sharing, your knowledge and insight of such a beatiful part of Italy. You are a good soul and we wish you we wish you the best :)
Joanie and Louise
Oct. 2015 (NC + VA)

Lynn & Carlo

the Snakes hunter
thank you for such a fantastic time seeing the Tuscan country side and villages. Many thanks!!!!
Carlo & Lynn Bongio

Sonoma, Ca. USA

Elizabeth & Mike Nadal

Wine tasting around Chianti
what a wonderful day we had with you. Everything was perfect, and you were so accomodating!
Many thanks for such a special tour.
Elizabeth + Mike Nadal

2 wonderful couples
thank you for an amazing day!
You helped us find the Itlay countryside we have always immagined! Please allow us to share our Southern Hospitality and visit us anythime in TN, USA!!!!
Many thanks!!
Barry & Tammy Carpenter
Randy & Lymme Carpenter

Villa Capraia (Siena)

4 sweet Seniors
Dear Lello,
what a treat to home you for the day! Such a Gentleman!
Thanj you for taking 4 Lady Seniors from USA. Our day will be lovely reminder. We felt right at home in your company and greatly appreciate the history of the 3 tours we selected for the day. We only will miss you the last of our vacation!!
May our Lord bless you always.
Much love,
Jan, Judy, Jille, Shelly

Doug & Genuary

Rich Soul . . .
We had such a great time with you driving through Tuscany. Love your passion for life and food! Kindred spirits. May we one day catch fish together along an exotic coast somewhere (you will teach me to catch bearhanded like you). We will miss the conversations with you!

Doug & Genuary Rich (California)
Sept. 2015


A pretty long day
Andiamo . . .
Thank you for your Great Service, Your service has made our great trip better. I will let our travel agency know about the job you did and tell them how hghly I would recommend you.
Tim Conway (Maineville)

Nam & Nate Gallon

Wonderful Kids

> Thank you again for the tour of chianti yesterday. We had a blast and the kids loved it. We're looking forward to Tuesday. Also, we left the bottle of white wine in your van. You should take it out of the can so it doesn't cook in the sun. Please enjoy the bottle yourself.

Nate & Nam Gallon
San Francisco, CA.

the nice couple, Auerbachs.

Honeymoon tour
Our time with Lello and Simona exploring Montalcino and Chianti was truly a hilight of our trip in Italy. We experienced the local culture at it's most pure form. We felt very much like we were in good hands and so much fun.
Thank you for a beatiful few days!!!
The Auerbachs, New York.

Drummond Family

from Copacabana
Ciao Lello
Hoje tivemos una meravilhosa experiencia viajando com voce Lello. Sua atensau e dedisau foram incriveis e seu conhecimento da Toscana perfeito. Gostaria de agradecer sua companhia e do prazer que foi dividir com voce este momento tao especial com nossa familia.
Certamente voltarei a Toscana e espero podermos juntos novamente viajar per este incrivel pais.
Muito obrigado,
Rodrigo Drummond, Rio de Janeiro

Thorntons family

This trip was a real hilight for our family. Lello gave great advice before.hand about how to structure our itinerary, and he was so flexible and accomodating throughout the day. We had such a smooth and pleasant drive and some good laughs over a lovely wine tasting. Grazie for a perfect day in Tuscany!!
Let us know if you're ever in Nashville :)
The Thorntons

Deb & Sanatha

Thank you so much for a wonderful tour around Siena, fantastic winery tour and your gracious hospitality. We had a tremendous time in your company.
Please stay in touch and do let us know if you make it back to La Jolla, California!!
Samantha and Deb Kearns

Mr. David

Carrara quarry tour
Lello, great trip to Carrara.
Thanks for helping me find the marble I wanted plus taking me to Colonnata for delicious meal,
at the Lardo Rock Cafe'

Heron family

Farms tour
Thank you Lello for giving us such a beatiful day in Chianti! Brett, the boys and I all loved the experiences, wine tasting, farms visit, lunch, the visit to the cashmere goats, tuly all of it! You planned the perfect day for the five of us and we couldn't thank you more.
Allison, Brett, Connor, Cristopher and Charlie.
Scottsdale, Arizona USA

Friuli white wines tour
Friuli wine tour
Thank you Lello for showing us the beatiful conryside of Friuli. Always on time and full of great stories and informations, you made our trip wonderful. It was always great not to have worry about the logistics of travel and to be able to rely on your expertise.
i look forward to seeing on my next trip to Friuli and having you show more of your beatiful Country with us.
the team of Frasca food and Wine, Colorado.

Youkey Family

3 days together
Lello made our Rome-Tuscany trip a relaxing and pleasure filled adventure. He was informative, knowledgeable and great driver, a terrific translator, a wonderful conversationalist and a real Tuscany guide. When we return we will look for him as a driver, guide and friend.
Jerry + Sharon Youkey
Greenville, South Carolina

Steve+Sharon Harrison

Wine tasting around Chianti
Lello made our trip to Italy Fantastic! His friend talktive made us feel completely at home. Would we use his service again anytime!!
Steve and Sharon Harrison

Kelly & Richard

Kelly & Richard
Lello was an amazing tour guide and driver for a fun day of exploring Chianti. The Montefioralle winery where he chose to take us was an incrdible experience: Fernando was the perfect host, and Lello did a great job translating for us and was a great part of the conversation.
We loved the personal, relaxed atnosphere. It was a wonderful way to see sun and Chianti.
Kelly + Richard, Washington DC

David & Diana

Honeymoon tour
thank you so much for giving us an incrdible tour of Tuscany! You were the best part of our trip! We really enjoyed seeing the Italian countryside through your eyes. Thank you for adding so much to our honeymoon!!!
All our best,
David and Diana

Dave & Michele Pahl

Dave & Michele with the Guicciardini-Strozzi family
A fall day
Lello was a pleasure to be with all day, our trip to Tuscany will be a highlight, we will not forget. Being with Lello was like travelling with family.
Dave & Michele

Phil & Katherine

Fall in Tuscany
We Love Lello! He is very personable and works very hard to please!
He has a lot of terrific knowledge of many areas and has a perfect grasp of our language! A GEM.
Grazie Lello.
Katherine & Phil
Atlanta , Georgia.

you made our travels trough the italian countryside very special. Thank you for sharing your knowledge + passion for Italy with us. We hope to see you in Austin , TX soon.

Amanda Couch

Dana's family

Easy going days..
Lello was a joy to be with, his service is fantastic. He's very knowledgable and personable. The time we spent sightseeing with him is an experience we will never forget. He took us places off the beaten path and suggested local wines and food. Next time in italy we will most definitely call him.
Dana, Joy, Carol, Brail, Mia

Cocita / Reschan Family

Family Lunch at Lungarella Home
we can't thank you enough for showing us such a breathtaking and unique side of Tuscany. The personal attention you gae us was more than we could ask for. I hope we weren't too loud when we laughed at each other constantly! :) I am happy to have you in our pictures and our memories as you were a huge part of this trip for us. We appreciate everything you did. It was a truly amazing experience. Thank you so much, from all of us. We hope you will visit us in California!
The Cocita / Reschan Family

like friends

Joanne Cocita

You exceeded my expectations and gave us all an experience we will treasure always. Thank you so much for showing us the true warmth and beauty of Toscana. I look forward to staying in touch and seeing you again.

Huge hugs,

Carmela & Nancy Mosier

Carmela & Nancy
June 15, 2014
We can't imagine our trip to Italy now without having met you. So cross paths with a Italy genuine man is a gift in life so we are so grateful to have met you! Thank you for all your time, wisdom, and insight into the areas we visited. You have made our trip so much more special, you alwais have a place to stay in Virginia+West Virginia. I hopefully it will see you again fo r Sicily, and is so then we 'll see you again in a few days.
Carmela & Nancy

Acquarello tour

you were a very special part of our experience in Puglia. Your charm and knowledge of the area and your attention to detail gave us the complete package of touring, exploring and diving.
Thank you also for your patience and for always being so polite. And , for enjoying some good laughter!
Grazie mille,
Sue Kemp.
Austin, Texas USA


4 sweet Ladies
we had a blast! You are such a beatiful person and took such care of Penny and me with our mothers. Thank you! Stay true. It shows!
Doreen, Penny, Mary, Vivian.


2 splendide coppie
you represent all that is good and beatiful in Italy! Your gentle soul has made our trip a most memorable experience and we thank you! Come to Atlanta and we'll take care of you. Warmy,
Kitty & Jason
Dear Lello,
We cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance and gracious personality! Your friends: Il Cocco and Fernando are amazing people just like you! We will send pictures wish you all the best.
Yur friends from Chattanooga, TN
Maria & Courte

Helen & John Belsak
Donna & Joe Torelli

Belsak & Torelli
Lello - Thank you for making our trip from Sirmione to Siena so special! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute and were so happy for you to join us for a delicious lunch and our exciting trip to the Lamborghini factory, Your kindness, professionalism and expert driving will always be remembered by your crazy american tourists! We would highly recommed you to anyone traveling through Italy and wish you all the best!!
Helen & John Belsak
Donna & Joe Torelli

Diane Vens

Diane Vens & friend
For a charming italian coutryside adventure, this duo cannot be missed! An absolutely fabulous day! The history, the wine, the food and you two have made a perfect day. Thank you does not seem to be enough! We have decided that we need to study Italian history a little more and we need to make another trip!!

Kim, Mel & Kristen

Kim, Mel & Kristen
Lello - How do we begin to thank you? You have made our trip unforgettable! Your recommendations & spontaneous stops were all fantastic, just like you! We hired a driver & made a friend! Va bene! Best wishes in all your travels! May the best of your yesterdays be the worse of your tomorrows! Love you tons
Thanks again! Grazie!
Kim - Portland, Oregon
Mel - Scottsdales, Arizona
Kristen - Saratoga Springs, New York

Kathy and family

A raining day in countryside
Hello Lello,
I wanted to send along this picture that we took back in May in Villa Paradiso.
Thank you SO much for the day, even though the weather wasn't great, the day was a welcome reprieve from driving ourselves.
We really enjoyed the vineyard of the two sisters, Marguerite and Francesca . . . . if possible, can you remind me of the name of their wine/vineyard once again?

Again thank you and we will see you again on our next trip!


Ellen & Jeff Pace

Ellen & Jeff
Thank you for a wonderful drive from Forte de Marmi to Florence.. then another day from Florence to Siena to Montalcino, to Castello Banfi to Rome!
All a wonderful experience and enjoyable ride with you as our driver. We hope to come back another time and will definitely ask you to get us around.
Thank you again!
Ellen + Jeff

Dawn & Matt Kozlowski

Dawn & Matt
Grazie Lello!
We has such an enjoyable day traveling through the tuscan countryside. We stopped at 2 wineries for tasting and also spent time in Siena and Montalcino. Lello was absolutely wonderful to travel with as he was so personable and informative. We look forward to returning to Tuscany and will most certainly book your services once again!
Thanks so much!
Dawn & Matt Kozlowksi
(Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

Paul & Karen Gauthier

Paul & Karen
Grazie for such a great driving experience! you are great with people and have a good sense of humour. Also keep up the good work and your business will thrive. Thanks for everything and I am sure we will see you again!
Paul & Karen Gauthier

Julio & Julie Laguarta

2 wonderful days
Lello, thank you for an incredible day in Siena, la Fornace vineyards + Rome!
You were very prompt, kind and informative. We loved riding your clean spacious Mercedes Van touring the beautiful countryside. The lunch in Montalcino was spectacular.
We hope the best for you and hope to return to spend more time visiting Siena + Montalcino. Thank you for introducing us to LA FORNACE Family.
Grazie, ciaoo
Julio + Julie LAGUARTA

A nice week with friends..
We have worked with many drivers over our 17 years in business and you are top notch. I'd trust you with any and all experience Italy clients. On a personal note, your kindness and gentle spirit was beautiful and enhanced our party here in Tuscany.
Much gratitude and many blessings,
Lori Martin
Sacramento CA

Thelma Nacho

A funny day speaking spanish
Muchisisisisimas Gracias pour la esperienca tan maravillosa para conocer Montalcino y Pienza
más encanto pasar un dia tan encantador esta tierra tan llena de historia. No tenemos palabras para agradecer tu amabilidad, atencion y excellentes recomendaciones.
Thelama Nacho y familia

JIm and Diane

Sant'Anna farm cheese tasting
we had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with helpful Lello. We heartily recommend Lello, He's now our driver and our friend.
Jim and Diane
Oklahoma City

Fred & Barbara

A few days in Puglia
Dear Lello,
again, we thank you for a wonderful journey!
We loved seeing Puglia with you, but best seeing your Mamma! She is wonderful!!! We will see you next year.
The Tepperman

a nice week around Chianti area
Lello is a wonderful driver, very careful and caution , always friendly and kind . This is my third week with him - and I look forward to the next, plus he is the best dressed man.
Paula Lambert,
Dallas, Texas.

Sally New Zeland

Wonderful Kiwi
THANK YOU, you have made our trip wonderful fun + laughter, so many memories, all the best for the future!!

A week together
We've loved your company, your driving in helping us to show the beautiful hills of villages of Tuscany.
Thank you!!
Elane & Jim Robinson
Dallas, Tx

A week together
May 12, 2012
Lello, you have made car travel on Italy's hills a delight. You are full of informations making the trip very interesting.
Cara Stalcup
Dallas , Texas

The Rick's family from Los Angeles.

5 wonderful days
We all miss you, You made our trip a perfect dream!

Mrs. & Mr. Hagler

Hagler couple and Fabio
To Lello, 24/10/11
Thanks for your professional on time pick up schedule, your recommendation to the vinery, it was a great experience.
We would not hesitate to call you again when visiting Tuscany. Your really made the vacation great.
Alan + Loretta Hagler,

Rick & Janie Brandon

A sweet couple
thank you so much for a lovely afternoon, sharing the local life with us, all of your informations made it so very special. We hope to be back and will call on you again if we are. Your recommendations for food+wine was perfect!!
Grazie mille,
Rick & Janie Brandon
Chelsea, Michigan

Hunk & Katy Dunnick

An easy going cooking class

Sept 22, 2011
with a special time with wonderful visits to special towns, wineries and of course special lunch with Stefania. You have made our trip to Italy one to remember.
Please be weel in your life and GOD always take care of you and your lovely friends.
Hunk & Katy Dunnick , Grand Rapid, MI

Scott and Carol Brinkmeyer

An easy going day!
Sept 22, 2011
Lello, You have been great! Your special recommendation made our holiday in Italy so much better. Stefania's lunch, Fabio's vinery and the restaurants, trattorias was superb. You are a wonderful host and ambassador for your country and good friend to home for all occasions.
Thank you so much, Grazie mille!!!
Scott and Carol , Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Nate and Jessica Berns
Atlanta, Georgia

as friends..
September 14, 2011
we had such a wonderful time with you. Thank you for all of your help getting us around Tuscany. We loved Gatto Trattoria in Siena..great choice.
Call us if you are in Atlanta, GA.
Grazie! Ciao!
Nate and Jessica Berns

The Tepperman
New York

3 wonderful days
September, 2011
Dear Lello,
Thank you so very much for a special 3 days. You made our time unforgettable. We shall always call you when we come to Italy, the next time will be Puglia! Should be nice to meet your Mamma!
The Tepperman.

Kari & Brett Levine

enjoing authentic food
Lello, thank you for your guidance. We loved the restaurant you tought us and the vinery!!!
Montalcino was a wonderful place to show us. We hope returnto this beatiful area of Italia very soon, we would defenitily call you to show us more!
Kari and Brett

Katz Family from New York

2 wonderful days
Dear Lello,
second trip with you..and it only gets better and better!!
Thank you for the lovely days in Lucca, Pisa and wine tasting in Bolgheri.
The Kats family and the Barnetts, N.Y.

Tracy and Mark from Atlanta

Marble quarries in Carrara
Dear Lello,
you made our trip to Italia very enjoyable and special. Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and all of your wonderful suggestions. We cannot wait for our next trip and will certainly look you up the Best of luck and success and happiness in the future!!
Tracy and Mark Turpin

Steve and Debora from Georgia in Vespa Museum

10 funny days
How could our trip have been any better? We had a wonderful time in Toscana "watching the movies" and now to complete the trip, you come to visit us in Atlanta. We'll be back and we'll call you. We can play music again.
You are now like a family..

Steven + Debora

Suzanne and sons from Ojai, California

A wonderful week
A wonderful week
My brother, my friend, mio amore?.
Finally the boys and I came to Siena! We had such a special time be cause you took sweet care of us. The thunder and lightening show you arranged at you house was delightful! The Palio was excting and crazy time! The hot spring were pure MAGIC. I'll never forget our Vespa adventure day and all places we toured, I love you in a very unique and special way always,
Suzanne ,
from OJAI, California

2 nice couples from LaJolla, California.

organic farms tour
Dear Lello,
thank you so much for our marvelous tour of Tuscany. Your gentle manners and expansive knowledge of the region were a perfect combination for a deleghtful day.
Many smiles and grazie for the sunflower.

Eugene & Elena
from Ukraine

A Nice Couple!!!
Eugene & Elena
Travel to Tuscany!
Thanks a lot for unforgettable day!! A lot of sun, wine and memories . . . and the Princess . . . .
Your kindness highly appreciated!!
Eugene and Elena

Brenda & Harvey Blatt,
Montreal, Canada

8 splendide persone
Brenda and Harvey Blatt
Dear Lello,
what a marvelous week we had in Lucca! You made everything so easy and light. We loved the informations and kindnesses, you shoved us so wonderful places in your way and it was very much appreciated. Our Italian holiday would not have been so perfect.
Thank you! Thank you! Hope to see you in Montreal or Florida.
Brenda & Harvey Blatt,
Montreal, Canada

Judy & Les Genatt
New York

My Friends..
You made our trip to Italy very special and you are our good friend, Judy and I especially enjioyed the farms and restaurants and nice people of Toscana.
When you're ready to visit the U.S., we'll make your trip fun and help you to see everything.
All of our best wishes to you for a good and long life. Be good to the kitties.
Love from your good friends,
Judy & Les

The Kneffen family + Friends

A wonderful week
it was a great experience for all of us to tour Tuscany with you. Your knowledge of the area, reataurant reccomandations and great driving made our trip totally enjojable.
We all thought you were the epitome of the handsome, dashing italian leading man.
The Kneffen family

Joy & Jimmy from Baharain

Chianti tour
Dear Lello,
Thank you for showing us the amazing sites of San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and the smell of the wines. The images will be remain with us through our lifetime.
Joy & Jimmy

Japanese Family

Japanese Family
Japanese Family

Japanese Family

Japanese Family
Our driver has hair such as a prince, thank you for 2 days trip and good restaurants. We've please with you.
Nice weather, it was faboulous.
Please come to Japan.
You're good looking and I would like go to Puglia with you.

Sandra Hambleton & Drake Francescone

Sandra Hambleton & Drake Francescone
Sandra Hambleton & Drake Francescone
We really enjoyed our tour with you.It was great fun as well.
All the to you.
If you are in N.Y ,give us call

Thank you

Drake Francescone
Sandy Hambleton

Boissard Family

Boissard Family
what a wonderful guide you've been!!! All your suggestions were great, especially the Gelateria . . . ! We had so much fun getting to know Toscana.

Butler Family

Butler Family

Our wonderful to weeks in Tuscany would not love been nearly so marvelous without your expert suggestions about where + when to go + your patience in our many questions! We were very lucky to have you the whole time. If you come to N.Y.C be shure to call us + we wolud love to take a dinner with you.
Thank so much,
Sam & Sally

4 sisters from Barcelona

Las 4 Hermanas catalanas te damos las guancias por tu compania tan estupenda.
Muchos besos guapo.
Tania, Lidia, Francisca, Alicia

Claudia and Kurt, Geart and Katlin

vespa tour
Dear Lello,
thank for the professionale and amical drivers. You are a very lovely person. We wish you all the best and good luck.
Your friends from Belgium

Adi and Peter

Adi and Peter
Adi and I wish to thank you for give days in your great company. You took us around in Tuscany and showed us what we wanted to see. we enjoied your choises of restaurants . . . . . . .we enjoied your company your quiet and respectful manners and your wisdom. You have added a lot extras to our visit to Siena and Tuscany. With our very best wishes an many thanks. Love Adi and Peter


Comparing Lello with best, is better.
His driving is superb and safe he is interesting and informative his knowledge a the area is complete and he went on his way to find what we wanted. We had a grand time and considere him our friend.
John and his wife Carwell.
Georgia USA

Kathie and Fred Cesaretti

Had a wonderful trip with Lello.
He is so safe driving and pleasent to be with. We'll be sure to use him as our driver.
Kathie and Fred Cesaretti

Eugene & Elena from Ukraine

Eugene & Elena
Travel to Tuscany!
Thanks a lot for unforgettable day!! A lot of sun, wine and memories . . . and the Princess . . . .
Your kindness highly appreciated!!
Eugene and Elena

3 wonderful sisters from Orange County, CA.

3 sisters
the three sisters had wonderful trip in your confortable van. The days trips in Pisa, Firenze, S.Gimignano,Montalcino,Pienza,Buonconvento,S,Quirico are really nice. Siena is really beatiful.
Thank you so much for accompaning us to all the batiful places.
We cannot say enough how much we enjoyed.
Jacinta, Juanita, Felicia.

Lorie Lang

Lorie Lang
Lello, we had such great time touring with you.
The wineries were great, expecially the small family winery, it was something we would not have done without your suggestion.
Lunch by the sea was great, two thank you, thank you.. Hope we come back and see you again.
Lorie Lang.

Farrar & Richardson

Farrar & Richardson
The Four of us had the best time on our tour today.
Your personal knowledge at Siena and Montalcino were so impressive, (I appreciate so much the intoduction to Il Colombaio, the smallest boutique winery was the very best, Rick) You truly made the day in Toscana memorable can't wait to do this again.
Rick & Kim Farrar
Michael & Beth Richardson
Birmingham, Al.

Saienni family

travelling around Italy
You are the best!
It was a pleasure travelling with you. So friendly, so knoledgeable and helpful.
Mostly, you were very accomodating and very considerate.
We cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed ourselves.
If you were ever to visit Delaware, stop and see us!!
the Saienni family,
Armelindo, Jiovanna, Jiuliana, Elena

Hellene & Jerry Hausner

Chianti tour
Your service was excellent and very professional. Aside from your great driving skills, our tour was much more enjoyable beacause of your very pleasant personality. We will certainly recommend you to our friends.
Hellene & Jerry.

3 couples from Las Vegas

Dear Lello,
DAVID was the " BEST " . . . ..
You and Angelo (official historical guide) gave us a wonderful taste of history, so knowledgeable and interesting. You gave us a day of great memories.
All the best in health and happiness
Donna, Steve, John, Kathleen,
Las Vegas

The Scary family

The Scari family
Dear lello,
Thank you so much for being such a wonderful driver, You were so knoledgeable and friendly ans we will recommend your service to all of our friends!

Thank again,
The Scari Family.

Bob & Denise Johnson

Nice Famiy!
It was not the driving that made our family week in Tuscany so wonderful.
It was your kindness and patience during all of our travel that really made a difference.
Thank for your company each day. It has been great getting to know you!!
Bob & Denise Johnson

Clarke family.

A casual day..
We had the greatest trip to Italy, and our day with you was one of the very best.
We hope to return someday, and we definetely recommend you to our friends.
Thank you again for a great day!
Paula Clarke

San Galgano tour
Grazie Lello!
I will remember your phrase: " Going to fast is a waste of time.." See you next year.
We enjoyed being with you today in San Galgano and Chiusdino.
Don Davis

Marsha & Michael

Firenze walking tour
Thank you and Fernanda (historian guide of Florence for making our visit to Florence even more special, Your sharing of stories about Italy and your treasures will be remembered for many years.
Marsha & Michael Langfuss
Arizona, U.S.A.

4 days around Tuscany
It has been a pleasure exploring Tuscany with Lello.
We are special interested tour operator based in New Zeland and have regular escorted tours to Italy and other destinations.
Lello provides an excellent service meeting our needs and the needs of our clients with a special mix of professionalism, friendliness and informations on Tuscany.
Best wishes,
Peter Fleming
Tour Company Director.

Shanti Akkineni

Val d'Orcia Tour
Lello was a great guide with lots of knowledge about the area. We had a wonderful time exploring and sight-seeing. I would highly recommend this kind of tour.

From Australia

29/09/2008 - Montalcino
Very enjojable, delighfull. Best day of our trip. Wishing all the best
N.D. Australia


Tuscany tour
We all thougth that your espertise made our trip perfect. Your suggestions for the beach, the horse and cart ride, the special restaurant, and the great affection you showed for the children made you one of our family. We speak of you often and next trip will see you again. Love Arlene and Steve Genatt

Mary Ann and Tom Staffel

Florence Siena Roma Amalfi
Lello was a great drive and very fun to be with. He got us good historical guides for Rome and Pompei. Lello's grandmother tort was really deliciious!! Lello was alwais careful and nice. He was an incredible driver in Florence.
Caroline, Elisabeth, Mary Ann and Tom

Jim and Claire

Jim tour
Bologna 13/09/2008
Safe, honest, timely driver and friend that is a delight to be with Lello - Makes a trip a great memory- Claire and Jim - Naples - Florida

Bjorn and Sào

May 2008
Visiting Tuscanyis a great experience every time, but having Lello drive has to wineries and histirical towns made the week more enjoyable as he is a great, safe drive, speak a good english and have deep knowledge of the local history. Lello is friendly, realiable and accomodating.
We warmly reccomend him!
Bjorn and Sào
New York City

Mona and Drew

Firenze e S. Gimignano
We certainly do remember you and very foudly in deed. You helped our tour of Italy to be as memorable as it could ever have been.
Mona and Drew Kopf of Plainview
New York

Hull family

Val d'Orcia
Lello made everythings just right. His service was impeccable.
Knowing I was someone I could count on made all the difference during my vacation in Tuscany. I was never caught up in the concerns over my destination those allowing me to be delighted in the scenery of each day. His genuine desire was to make my vacation memorable and he did.
Lello is a special person who gave me many reasons to smile.
Joni Westin
Orange County, CA

Riggs Family

Tour in Toscana
How lucky we were to obtain the service of Lello on our trip from Rome to Florence, Siena and back to Rome. His recommend stop at a winery in Montalcino was outstanding. His van was very confortable for all six people and it was always very clean. Lello was very kind and considerate and spoke very good English. We was also very patient during our stops. We will highly recommend Lello to all of our family and friends. He was an execellent driver!!! The Riggs Family

Nancy and Daug Yablon

Tour in Florence and S. Gimignano
We thaught that Lello was much more than a tour guide. He was charming, polite, and very knowledge. He made our day extremly pleasurable and we would higly recommend him, to make the exurcion a memorable experience.
Sincerly, Nancy and Daug

From Ukraina

Tour in country side
It was great!
We injoyed very much our trip with you in such a confortable car!
Good luck from Russia!
Tanya, Oleg, Zhenya, Katya, Gelena, Victor and Mikhail

Francesca Rossi

"Ho avuto occasione di usufruire del servizio di noleggio con autista di Lello Tinelli nel mese di Luglio 2007 per un viaggio a Marsiglia con i miei familiari. Siamo rimasti completamente soddisfatti della scelta fatta: il mezzo utilizzato si e' rilevato molto comodo, assolutamente adatto ad un lungo viaggio; da sottolineare, oltre alla professionalita', la disponibilita' e la cortesia!!

Albert Beken

Tour in Toscana
Dear Lello,
you are a very good man! Thank you for the nice photos. I like them very much.
You made our stay very pleasant and confortable, You are realy an excelent driver and also very kind. Sure I will be in Toscana this year and hope you will take care of our trips.
I hope you have a good time and be happy.
take care of yourself.
your friend,

Matt Phillips

il Mandorlo
"Andiamo Taxi and Trips could not have been easier. I got off tha plane and my cell phone rang and it was them telling me exactly where they were waiting for me. They were very easy to find.
Their car was big enough for our family and the ride Tuscany was very confortable, Not having to drive or worry about directions made for a much more pleasant first day in Italy!"
See you soon,

Judy and Lew Kramer

Thank you so much for the wonderful day you planned for us. We asked you
to pick different and interesting places and you did a great job We loved
Lucca and biking around the city, the Carrara quarry and the drive. The
restaurant in Colonnata was so special. We have traveled a lot all over the
world and you are our favorite driver. We look forward to seeing you on
our next trip.

Max Grossman
art historian
Los Angeles CA

Lello has a knowledge of the Tuscan country-side and takes his clients to place that even many Italians never see. He's a friendly as he is professional and he tailors his itineraries to his customers wishes. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Veronica M.
S.Francisco CA

Our driver was very knowledgeable about the area..He showed up early, worked later than scheduled and even stopped for refreshments for us along the way. I highly recommend his services.